Ordering Informationhttp://www.covid-solutions.org
Assembly Instructions
Physical Inspection Procedure
Remove Dome Shield from packaging.
Inspect flat Dome Shield surfaces for scratches, holes, or material inhomogeneities.
After assembly, don the Dome Shield and check in front of a mirror to confirm that it is placed correctly on the head to offer adequate protection to the mouth, eyes, and nose from sprays and splashes.https://www.covid-solutions.org/
Cleaning Procedure: 
While primarily intended for single use, the Dome Shield may also (with caution) be cleaned and reused.
The Dome Shield should be cleaned only after removal (doff).
Perform hand hygiene.
Don a clean pair of gloves.
Carefully remove Dome Shield and disassemble
Carefully wipe the surface of the Dome Shield using compatible cleaning agents and a soft cloth.
In case any visible material degradation occurs during cleaning, dispose of the Dome Shield.
Allow Dome Shield to air dry.
Remove gloves and perform hand hygiene.

Cleaning Agent Compatibility:
70% Isopropyl Alcohol
70% Ethyl Alcohol
10% Bleach*

       *may leave residuehttps://www.covid-solutions.org/
New Dome Shield Accessory: For added comfort, we are now offering an optional blue foam forehead strip for the Dome Shield, which can be purchased separately in boxes of 100. Please see the below linked instructional page for information on adding the Foam Forehead Strip to your Dome Shield.  

Made in the USA at an FDA-approved manufacturing facility